Here are a few reviews from current and previous clients:


Billie, 12 year old Bull Terrier

She is not as lame as she was before she walked out well on the afternoon walk. Thank you for what you have done for Billie, she is definitely feeling the benefits.


Lizzie, 6 year old Border Collie

Lizzie has done three consecutive days on the farm, running around the fields, and isn’t limping! We are very impressed! Especially as the last massage was a little while ago now. She isn’t on the metacam and hasn’t been since you came.  Very happy we have found something to make her comfortable and enjoy being a collie again.


Dexter, 6 year old Whippet

Our whippet Dexter had been what is best described as miserable, he was stiff throughout his back and joints and didn't ...want to run with his mates. After the treatment in which Jo was able to source the problems and then successfully treat him with just 3 sessions he is so happy and playful again with no signs of his previous issues. I can't recommend Jo and Bounce Back highly enough.


Lucky, Labrador

I can't thank Jo enough for what she has done so far for Lucky. I had no idea how much discomfort Lucky was in but there is already a huge difference in her movement. I am looking forward to continued improvement. Jo is very in tune with her patients, making for very enjoyable treatment sessions.


Sapphire, Border Collie

Jo has an amazing Clinic which is set up to help dogs relax, enabling them to get the most out of their sesion . Sapphire has a long term problem and I have seen the difference in her movement after each session. The massage helps me to maintain Sapphires condition without having to resort to medication. We both completely trust Jo.